Aesthetic medicine

  • Aesthetic medicine

The aesthetic medicine includes all those treatments and all medical treatments that, while still covering the aesthetics of the person, are performed in a non-surgical, or without surgery itself, but through injections (see the fillers and botulinum toxin) or other types of medical treatments.
The aesthetic medicine treatments are usually the less invasive cosmetic surgery, and usually do not require anesthesia, but the results are not long lasting but the treatments can be repeated after a few months.
The treatments that are most in demand in aesthetic medicine are:
> Filler or fillers connecting rod aesthetic treatments in medical office
> Botulinum toxin - Botox - Botox
> Peeling
> Mesotherapy
> Microdermabrasion
> Laser treatments
> Aesthetic Medicine Vascular
> Radiofrequency
> Carboxytherapy
> Lymphatic drainage
> Pressuretherapy
> Dietary treatments
> Cavitation Medical

They treat these imperfections:

> Cellulite
> Stretch marks
> Wrinkles and facial rejuvenation
> Increase in the volume of the lips
> Skin blemishes
> Adiposit & agrave; localized
> Vascular blemishes

Other Treatments